My Whispered Faith.

Verse of meditation and encouragement today:

2 Thessalonians 3:13
“As for you, brothers, do not grow weary.”

I feel like every day I wake up, war is waged. War is waged in my heart. War is waged in my job. War is always waged. I am in a constant battle with my own anxiety. With my own thoughts. With media. With people who don’t love God. With people who want me to fail. With my own friends pining for me to forsake the one I love. I wake up to a battle. And sometimes, being good, always, in every battle is hard. It’s weary. And this verse encourages me. It’s preaching to my heart:

Heart, keep going.
Heart, keep running.
Heart, keep fighting.
Heart, keep on, keeping on.
Heart, don’t grow weary in this battle because better things are a head.

My wrists creak, rusted hinges to hands that don’t want to write about him anymore.
Maybe love isn’t supposed to be comfortable. Maybe love is just supposed to be worth it.
My brother left his tie with me on accident years ago and I just found it, so this is how I spend my Sunday. Rock on, tumblr.
Just another Sunday at church with my little princess 💚👑
Tessssssss!!! You have literally been one of the best friends I have ever made. And although tonight was sad because you have to go back to school, I’ve really been blessed to hang out and have adventures with you this summer. And through our awkward introduction, and getting in trouble at amusement parks and being piercing buddies and Starbucks and Georgetown expeditions, I’ve definitely realized how blessed I am to meet someone so kind and funny. Thanks for being such a great best friend. I can’t wait to come up and see you next week, but until then, have fun and be safe, I’ll definitely miss you! 👑🐝👯
Christians who look poorly on other Christians who like to enjoy a beer…


But…as bad as it was, I learned something about myself. That I could go through something like that and survive.
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